Your cat entered into my car and peed there.

Greece has a great history.


I like milk.

Pass me that wrench.

You have only to ask for it.


Alan seems to be a good guitarist.

Why don't I get us some drinks?

Hwa knew what Elaine's secret was.

May I use the telephone for a while?

At first the trainees were awkward in his company.


The heavy fog made it impossible for us to see anything in front of us.

Shatter used to drink.

I asked Angela why he thought that was important.

Amarth has left the city.

She absolutely trounces me whenever we play Scrabble.

Some Asians eat dogs.

I've got a pretty vivid imagination.


There wasn't time.

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You have to change planes in Boston.

I wonder how Tal will get out of that mess.

I think you look like Jeremy.

I hope this plan works.

I may not have tasted it, but I must have seen it.

While most ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube, it is also possible for them to occur in the ovaries, abdomen, or cervix.

I believe in the life beyond.

Why are you holding my hands?

I want to hear it from her.

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Lou's father's name is John.

I bought a few eggs and a little milk.

The man caught the girl by the wrist.


Mysore isn't going to give an inch.

I have a question to ask all of you.

Please knock on the door.


Kendo involves dueling between two people who are each equipped with a sword-like stave made of bamboo.

Zoology and botany are about the study of life.

Joel isn't getting off that easy.

Read newspapers at least lest you should be left behind the times.

The curtain raised on a noisy cocktail party.

That escalated quickly.

We're sure it wasn't an accident.


I want to see you two in my office. Now.


I don't belong to the club.

We're shocked.

My parents live at ease in the country.


I think Ginny might be drunk.

The show was very interesting. You should have seen it.

If you have a question, please raise your hand.

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He is an undergraduate in the law department.

Fans of the original comic had a field day with the myriad continuity issues of the movie adaptation.

Many high school students hang around at book stores reading comics.

You should ask Christopher out to dinner.

The child threw a stone at the dog.

I bet I'm not the only one who knows how to do this.

I never want to owe money to anyone.

Tommy is a nice man.

Vishal told Clare to be patient.


I received a coded message from Vern this morning.

They did it for the money.

They must be dead.


It's just an expression.

Make yourself useful.

I sold the picture for 20000 yen.


There is no hope of success.


I should've phoned Scott before I went over to see him.

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I would like to introduce myself.

This is devastating.

My sister fixed me with an angry stare.

I dreamed that I was eating my granddaughter's wedding cake.

Ramsey ran down the street.


I've never met anybody like him.

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We're going to leave tomorrow.


I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a fellatio.

I know what you're trying to tell me.

Art is dead.

My advice was not followed.

That sounds like a literal translation from the English.

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Jay hasn't heard from Nelken in a long time.

One of the main problems was food.

Have you ever peed on the street?

They should all be fired.

Marcos said that she loved Andrew and always would love him.


She is forbidden to go out.

Surya double-checked his door to make sure it was locked.

Does a uniform eliminate class difference?


You could say that Mrs. Smith is a television addict.


You should obey your parents.

It could be a trick.

This problem affects us all.

Dan didn't want to be taxed on the land he inherited from his mother.

The moment he caught sight of me, he ran away.

Learn other languages in order to be more proficient in your own.

You didn't like that game.


If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

I am very ugly.

We made ourselves at home.

Kimmo is clearly worn out.

I think you're the one who's mistaken.

I've told them where to meet us.

I'm not signing anything.

I found a French friend in Morocco. She told me that the atmosphere in Paris is not that of the rest of France, and that other cities and provinces are very beautiful.

What's so hard?

Can you walk on stilts?

Take a rest, or you will be worn out.

David hopes that Ning won't find out the truth.

Estella and I are going for a walk.

The scientist is conducting medical research.

The bowl contains many kinds of candy.

I wear a hat whenever I go outside.

It's no use trying anything.

She's aggressive.

Mara looks like he's happy.


We're trying to find an antidote.


What're you going to do now?

The foreigner didn't know Japanese at all.

No one knows their name.

I was visited by a customer.

I don't think Kathryn will ever be able to do that.

Nor was he ever known to curse unless against the government.

Blayne has a ring.

Everyone is very excited.

I hope you feel better than you look.

What did you tell Lynn about me?

I'll show you 'round the property.


"How long will it take?" "About two weeks."

This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

I have a question to ask all of you.

I'd think it'd be fun.

You can make it easier for yourself.

Olaf was in town Monday night.

He kissed her with his eyes closed.

Kolkka and Jos are the only ones still alive.

We were greatly relieved to find that the worst dangers were over.

All you have to do is smile.

I'm not particularly thirsty right now.

I'm running and running.

The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation.

Was it Sumitro who told you to call the police?

I've rented a room in Paris for a month.

I'm pretty sure Revised's ambitious.

The drawing is defective.

I am always helped by you.

This is a strange kind of fish.


With that sort of attitude you'll never get past the honourable-mention prizes.


If Floyd wanted to kill me, I'd already be dead.


I'll call on you on Sunday.

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This time we won.


I didn't steal anything.


If he had drunk only a little alcohol, he wouldn't have been drunk.

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If you ever do that again, be careful!


Who do you think is the best centre in the NBA?

Ramsey speaks no French.

Denis totally deceived us.

Elaine of Corbenic, fell in love with Lancelot and tricked him into believing that she was Guinevere, so that he would sleep with her.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about you.

I had never been kissed before.

Socrates was accused of atheism because he did not believe in Zeus.

We have a mild winter this year.

Do you agree that 2 in a set with 2 is a set with one member?


He attended the party yesterday.


I'm a villager.

She types well.

I got a rash on my hands from dishwasher detergent.