What does Marika know about Algeria?

There is nothing that God has judged good for us that He has not given us the means to accomplish, both in the natural and the moral world.

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I'm sure that they will pass the test.


By the way, what is the matter with him?

They're all alike.

Jess might not be the one who broke the window.

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I have no idea where Karen went.

What is it that separates this from the sea?

It's perfectly useless.


The judge is ready to pass sentence.

Autumnal Equinox Day falls on Friday this year.

Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation.

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Alexis isn't angry anymore.

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Kikki was supposed to meet some of his friends.

He said no one could help him.

That was pretty much perfect.

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Lorenzo and Ramadoss no longer see eye to eye.

The douche fell asleep!

It's difficult to translate quotes.

I think it's time for me to clean the chimney.

You and he are both very kind.

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He is not the sort of guy who gives in easily.

We must get rid of Mats.

I would give you the moon if I could.

The Way produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three produces the myriad things.

I'm not going back.

It did not go well.

I just don't have much time.

In the drought, many people and animals starved to death.

I'm pretty sure that Tor now lives in Boston.

I want to travel to the moon.

Konstantinos has a dancer's body.


We received a large parcel.

We took a walk in the park.

I associate with him in business.

She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.

I think about something leaving.

I've had it with this stupid job.

Don't you just hate the way Winnie behaves?

I'm not sure what to do.

Is anyone else thirsty?

Sidney left me a note.

I was good at it.

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It sounds exactly like Axel.

The natural sweet-fish broiled with salt is absolutely terrific.

I remember very clearly that he threw two pistols into the river.

Whatever you do, don't tell Alain.

I don't need your job.

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My seven-year-old niece said to her brother, I'll tell on you.


I knew you'd tell me how to do it.


It won't be the same.

Laurel often watches TV while eating dinner.

Woe to the conquered!

If anything happened to Deb, I wouldn't forgive myself.

When are you going to tell me?

May I suggest another option?

We won the match by 10 to 4.

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How dare you do that to a girl, Sidney?

Can you recommend a good lawyer?

For my own poor part, the fading summer left me out of health, out of spirits, and, if the truth must be told, out of money as well.


I understand the issues.

The army was in retreat.

Stephe enjoys watching basketball games on TV.


David must've worked very hard.

The world is confronted with the problem of environmental pollution.

He doesn't altogether trust me.

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Heinrich was crushed by the tree that he was cutting down.

Celeste believed that Plastic was personally responsible for the death of his father.

Beethoven was deaf in his late years.

Since it will be cold soon, it might be nice to enjoy doing something outdoors the final few warm days we have before winter sets in.

You thought I wouldn't notice, didn't you?


We follow the news quite regularly.

He got all he wanted.

Feeling a little dizzy, I sat down for a while.

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Lar grabbed Mongo by the throat and choked her.


I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you.

Everyone's going to be there.

Ask him the way to station.

You can't do this to them.

I am like my father.

You had your chance.

Urgent business prevented him from going.

Barrett just doesn't want me to embarrass him.

I think I should tell Arlene where I've been.

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That won't last forever.


Mikey told us a whole pack of lies.


Julia taught his dog some tricks.

We brought him his son's completely bloodstained garment.

My sister has two sons, so I have two nephews.

That is sensitive apparatus.

Curiosity got the better of him.

Alvin was talking in his sleep last night.

Some people kept interrupting the speakers, and finally broke up the meeting.

There are only just a few passengers on that train.

Melinda wanted to be just like his dad.

I'll be whatever you want me to be.

Sometimes history repeats itself.


Maybe I'll tell you more later.

The yogurt is delicious.

Nobody writes to me.


The homework is due next week.

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I wish she would stop smoking.


Don't ask me for anything else.

He kissed her hand.

Butler is standing at the back of the room.

Does that include everything?

You won't have to work overtime today.


I'm not dying.

When do you think that you'll see her?

Mayuko had a strange dream.

Why are you stopping now?

I don't want to see it.


Leave it to me. I'll get it done right away.

Donal's young.

The clock in the church tower struck nine.

Airplanes land at airports.

The horse snorted impatiently.


I kind of expected you to come alone.

Jinny couldn't say for sure when he'd come back.

Allen has lost a lot of weight recently.

Poor as she was, she gave him what little money she had.

I don't even know why we're going.


You can't just go.

I often went fishing with him.

You must account for your neglect of duty.


If you need something, just ask Kay, OK?

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We've made allowances for that.

Wes made a lot of smart decisions.

This book is interesting except for a few mistakes.

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I can't tell Norbert the truth.


The choice is easy.

I used to know a guy that grew up in Boston.

But I am not like other boys! I am better than all of them and I always tell the truth. I promise you, Father, that I'll learn a trade, and I'll be the comfort and staff of your old age.

They had better cut down their living expenses.

I'm looking for someone with whom to learn English.

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Wolves usually do not attack humans.

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the news.

Jun didn't have to say a lot.


Tell Harv that I'm hungry.

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Kevin gave Diane a French dictionary.

The Industrial Revolution took place first in England.

I want to become a singer, at any cost.


It is their right to vote.


Call me if there's anything I can do.


Al didn't have anything to worry about.

I can get us there more quickly.

I might not have told them that.

I can't let them catch me.

Julie started moaning in pain.

I'll just put this in the fridge.

All that I know is that Sid is lying.

He is listening to the radio.

Mikey called me almost every day while he was in Boston.

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The cops are looking for the gang's hideout.

Randal had a point.

He hid his ugly face.

Is this a vintage car?

The economic strength of a country lies not alone in its ability to produce, but also in its capacity to consume.