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He had heard that his friend was dying.

Spyros complains about everything.

The result of the election will soon be analyzed.

I'm glad that the rain has stopped.

I've forgotten Marek's wife's name.


Don't expose photos to the sun.

Things didn't go the way I planned.

I am guardedly optimistic about the future of my children.


The gates of the school open at eight.

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I was a little bit disappointed.


Spyros shut the door and went upstairs.

I use Firefox.

The ship is at sea for India.

I'm not that hungry.

Judging by the swelling, the man must have been bitten by a snake.

Let me have a minute with you.

They are content with things as they are.

He used a big piece of paper to make the bag.

I have to find them now.

Bucky didn't know how much he had drunk.

English is too difficult for me to understand.

She chose a light blue dress.

I just wanted to tell you something.

He only had 100 dollars.

That's why I was late.

I don't know anyone by that name.

You can't save me.


Tell those people to back off so that the helicopter can land.


Stop screaming in my ears.

He is concerned about his father's illness.

He got the job.


I want to discuss this with your manager.

I want my lawyer.

Are you impressed?

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Amarth knows exactly how to win.

We share a broadband subscription.

When Kawazoe pinned me down at the meeting, I broke out in a cold sweat.

It seemed that her family had moved to Hokkaido.

What do you think about Catalunya's independence?

I still say it was a good idea.

I'm going to exercise every day.

My house is located in a convenient place - near the train station.

I was dazzled by the headlights of an approaching car.

They ate and drank wine.

The letter was written in code.

For relaxation, Copernicus painted and translated Greek poetry into Latin.

Rathnakumar is happy again.

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I care about him.

Two girls played on the seesaw.

I was trying to protect you.

It was unbelievable.

Who could that have been?

I cannot understand what happened.

Is the bank open today?


You must do as Antony says.

Pat plays the piano very well.

That's extra.


The event starts at 3pm.

Harris didn't really understand.

More information is available on our website.

Bobbie will come if you ask him.

Renu held open the limo door for Calvin.

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The house shows signs of neglect.

You don't have to patronize me.

This machine can dig giant holes.


There is no telling when I can see her again.


Luckily nobody got wet.


What time will the band start playing?

Times are extremely tough.

Get some sleep.

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Why are we sitting here?

Your tyres are worn.

The increase of the population is a serious problem.


I could see Kanthan was asleep.

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Sergei goes to school with my son.

"That's from the Bible?" "Where in the Bible?"

She is now in the prime of womanhood.

There's nobody here.

How lucky!

Naren earns a lot of money and has a glamorous lifestyle.

It's beautifully made.

Don't let anyone stop you.

I don't like to cook.

Elwood is in want of common sense.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my iPod.

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The Berlin wall was erected in 1961.

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Lastly, cook on low heat for thirty minutes and it's done.

Did you paint this?

She doesn't have to know.

The entire theater turned to chaos when somebody cried "Fire!".

Have you and Jennie ever kissed each other?

We have overlooked this important fact.

We have to find out what's going on here.

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Karen is loyal to her country.

I caught a glimpse of her face.

Nicolette could tell that Stephan wasn't happy.

Stephen expressed some skepticism.

The only car Donnie has ever driven is his own.

Harv was alarmed.

I hope things change.


Japan and Korea are neighbours.

I'll stay until evening.

It can't possibly be true.


You used to love singing.

Diana turned to Vincent and smiled.

Ask Shuvra to come and see me, will you, please?

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She loves him all the more because he has faults.

You're a better person than you think you are.

We need more farmers.

Ronald faced the media scrum.

You've probably always felt you could handle any problem yourself.

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I rescued her.


That's too easy.

I hate math most of all.

Our choices are very limited.

I find the whole concept of creating an entire database of multilingual sentences to be so inspiring!

He can invest a million yen in stocks.

Rees didn't tell me everything.

My little sister can read books well now.

Let's be smart.

Tell me why I should do that.

The United States is the country that enlightens the world with its ideals of freedom. Political assassinations, military coups, invasions, bombings and torture are all undertaken by the United States in order to make the world a better place.

I studied hard so that I could pass the examination.

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Naim certainly didn't seem to be expecting us.

Vivek traveled to Boston.

Love is largely a matter of luck.

Laurie is a young girl.

So what if I'm gay?

Pitch the ball.

The shirt is dirty.

How do you want me to do that?

You had better not copy off others.

They came in one after another.

What happened to Skef happens to a lot of people.

You went to Shanghai, right?

He pushed his way through the crowd.

You don't need to be in such a hurry.

His brother is married, but he doesn't have children.

What do I need to do now?

Let's not discuss this in front of Hirofumi and Elaine.


Send him over.


The ground seems wet.


She won't come just yet.

It's hard to believe that's a coincidence.

Modern jazz is not my line.

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I didn't feel her presence.


She was wearing a strange hat.

Kit is better at speaking French than any of his classmates.

Onlookers see most of the game.

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Jean-Christophe has already won.

Huey has written more than 300 songs.

When the kid wanted the latest PlayStation software, he acted like a spoiled child.

I've been foolish.

They tortured you.


I wanted to warn them.

Ro and John pretended to be brothers.

Ravindranath died just three years ago.

Her new husband turned out to be a snake in the grass.

Teruyuki prefers to stay.

How can you ask me that?

We were greeted by a cute waitress.


What did you think of my speech?


Have both of you already eaten lunch?