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Problem solved!

Franklin knows what Panacea's car looks like.

As she couldn't pay for a ticket, the driver asked her to get off the bus.


This seems risky.

Tad wrapped his arm around me.

What size boots do you wear?


There's something up on the top shelf.

I'm not as stupid as you think I am.

Stephe looked shocked.


Gregory found a hair in his soup and complained to the waiter.

The man brushes his teeth.

Where is my pencil?

The sound of an awful scream made him shudder.

What did you think of them?

Have you been to Kyoto?

We both miss you.

That's brilliant.

What do Jimmy's parents do?

I'll get her right away.

That would defeat the purpose.


I made my brother go to the station.


I should give them a chance.


The busy mother told the children to run along.

If you write, write correctly.

I was very much annoyed with him.

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I cannot be understood in German.

Have you washed the car yet?

Everything is new when you look with new eyes.


His speech left me with the sense that we would never be friends.

She came to think that she'd never want to live in that town ever again.

George always does his best, and that's what I like about him.

I have something to ask him.

The Gospel according to John was probably written about fifty years after its predecessor.


Keep the cat off the couch.

I can teach you something.

I'll do anything Jonathan wants me to do.

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That horse is not white.

When I was your age, I was already married.

I've come to get you.

What on earth is this?

What happens when you die?


Linda is hiding something from me, too.

What's Tao up to today?

They're my cousins.


I was quite shocked by this.

I can't make him do anything.

Drew is completely wrong for the job.


I went out for a walk to get some fresh air.


Much work, little money.

Keep your coat on.

What were you guys talking about?

Pratt slipped a folded slip of paper into my hand.

I'm getting rid of Jesse.


She's closing everything.


On Jul 18th Mark/Space released an updated version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile for the Mac OS X.


Samir bought a Japanese-Chinese dictionary.

Should we tell her what we did?

I pretended that I didn't understand.

Big changes are afoot.

It's so exciting.


Mehrdad seems arrogant.


This is the kind of gossip you usually find in a glossy magazine.


I really thought Irwin was dead.

I was just disconnected all of a sudden, damn connection problems.

That's a layman's idea.


I'm going to wash my car.

It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances.

Rand likes to talk.

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My husband and I prefer to spend time at home together.


Everyone in the village called her Little Green Riding Hood.

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We need this.

Sherman knew well that in all the sentences, the last word would always be for David.

They've increased the salaries.


Can you tell me about it?

My son grew 5 inches last year.

He made up his mind to become a pilot.


This scenery carries me back to my old native town.


Huey is a bellfounder.

The question is easy. It's the answer that's hard.

His behaviour was bad.

The storm caused a power outage.

Why doesn't Knapper want to go with us?

I don't want to butt in all the time when the two of them are fighting.

The inhabitants are proud of their urban culture.

I'm going to behead you. I promise you that.

That's told him!

I won't let them in.

I will eat the meat.

Taurus is the oldest.

It's really expensive, isn't it?


I'm friends with Ritchey's brother.

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I want you to stay where you are.


I don't know if I want to ever do that again.

Around two to four per cent of Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Tobias bats 4th in our team.


He dropped to one knee and lowered his head.

This could take awhile!

He was dealt a deadly blow.

Answer this question once more, please.

It may rain at any moment.


They wanted to deal in gold and silver.


If you want to lose weight, you'll have to be careful about what you eat.

Jianyun was young.

Clare offered Marek a French fry and she took one.

I really did that.

He is not as handsome as Jose.

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He had no sooner arrived than he was asked to leave.

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Does anyone really care anymore?

I couldn't see what she was wearing, but I knew it was something cute.

After his death, his paintings were hung in the museum.

He was naive.

She asked him to help her father clean the garage.


I'm glad she liked it.

Dale is a trainee.

Samuel couldn't persuade Mike to help him.

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Al will tell you what you need to know.


Walking is good exercise.

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If you follow this street, you will get to the station.


You got what you deserved.


I was afraid to speak.


Can we find anybody that knows this town?

It just seemed like the right thing to say.

He knocked his opponent out.

If she were still alive, Billie Holiday would be 100 today.

Her sadness was written all over her face.

I don't even feel like it anymore.

Nate can't stay here anymore.

Not to ask is not to be denied.

You need to talk to her.

The angry crowd threw missiles at the police.

Which language do you speak the most often?

That's what you told me.

The German national team dismantled Portugal.

Maybe the problem is you, Julie.

Every march is composed of just a few steps.


Let's get down and dirty.


Syed is a pretty amazing cook.

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Which rose do you see?

What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's creepy.

Julius probably didn't even know about it.

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The travel agent suggested that we take some traveller's cheques with us.

He turned to his friend for help.

We've been working on that all week.

He once mentioned a long time ago that he had boundaries that I could never cross. Now that we're apart, I realize what he said was largely a warning in disguise.

I was at my wit's end.


Did you eat all the cookies?

Who the bloody hell do you think YOU are, mate?

Why don't you guys go get ready for school?

This dictionary has been of great use to me.

Rand doesn't look happy.

That's all I know.

There are people who get nothing from their fortune except fear of losing it.