He didn't know the fact that everyone knew.

That's alright.


I only heard about it myself just this morning.

I still have to run errands.

When you were able to read on your own, what did you enjoy reading?

I'd like you to help me install this software.

It's all a terrible misunderstanding.

My husband is a compulsive gambler. What can I do?

Josh and I argued with each other about what we should do.

The great majority is for the project.

It's sometimes the case that in losing those that we love, we realize how much we loved them.


You will study.


We don't anticipate that happening.

"I'll give 50 thousand for this statue." "Who will give more?"

I feel like we shouldn't be doing this.

I thought you'd want the work.

Tell Ritalynne that I need to talk to him.


I could sense that Ira was upset.

Let's just call it a day.

He made up his mind not to return to his native country.

Jayesh wanted Nichael to teach him how to swim.

I'm going to go shave.


You can go out on condition that you come home by seven.

Cyrus paid nothing.

These are original.

Run for the hills!

Don't worry. I won't tell.


Nancy felt the baby move.

Everyone knows Mr Hashimoto.

I cannot shed a tear for that horrible man.

She can understand everything they are saying.

A warm, lazy breeze wafts across the flat, endless fields.

Greg hopes Tony doesn't end up in jail.

I have total confidence in you.

The result of my exams was not what I had expected.

I don't really care for that sort of thing.

I got her to help.

That feeling is called love.

Do you know an ethnic dance?

I counseled her to wait a little longer.

I have to see this movie.

This is all new to me.

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Squirrels like nuts.

It's very likely that he'll be late.

I don't like queuing.


We suffered a lot of damage.

I'd made up some story about having to go home to see my sick mother.

It shouldn't happen again.

Vladimir didn't listen to Lorien.

Norwegian prisons are the most luxurious in the world.

I have to button my jacket.

We have eaten there three times.


I'll have to take her with me.

I want back what you've taken from me.

The hill is always green.

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She shed tears.


I'm not scared of her.

I know who painted this picture.

My family thinks I've lost my mind.

Can I comment on one of your photos?

You lost count, didn't you?

It was beautiful in the country, it was summer-time; the wheat was yellow, the oats were green, the hay was stacked up in the green meadow.

Do you love your wife?


Do you want something bad to happen?

Everyone would be happy if Juri left and never came back.

It may be difficult, but not impossible.

I swear I'll pay you back.

Sue picked up a pencil off the floor.


The bones remained frozen in the ice.

Romanian is a latin language.

There wasn't enough.


You aren't really afraid of me, are you?

The engineer climbed the telephone pole.

Work makes life sweet.

Where? I'd like to take one, too.

You don't have to listen to what he says.

With her help, my French improved little by little.

I wish my grandfather had been alive to see that.


That's what really scares me.

Keep clear.

You can't protect Julianto forever.

In the old days, when man was innocent, God sent his daughter to see the Earth.

I don't really care about that.

John has gone cuckoo.

Doesn't that look fun?

These pictures always remind me of the old days.

It was in 1989 that the Berlin Wall was taken down.

Child can't talk bad word !.

How is that even possible?

Mariou doesn't study as hard as he used to.

In terms of the pay you will get, is this a good job?

Volunteers are desperately needed.

There is no use trying to excuse yourself.


We haven't seen Ralf.

Are we sinking?

We heard screaming outside.


I saw him off at the airport.


Ole saw something on the sidewalk.


Am I making myself clear?


You've looked better.

Isn't it embarrassing going shopping for clothes with your mother even as a university student?

I'm so confused.

Provided you have a reservation, you can check in anytime.

You're both from Boston, aren't you?

Hazel rang to say he was just about to come over.

You shouldn't stay up so late at night.

Bret felt he had no chance to win the race.

I'll just be extra careful.

I can't believe she did this to me.

School was not essential in their lives.

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Put your weapons on the ground!


It may not be natural for you, but at least try to be a little more gracious.


I don't know the answer to that.

Can we talk about something else?

The journalist tried to relieve the tension by telling anecdotes of Hettie Potter.

I'll see you Saturday.

We have time, there's no rush.


I hired him.

Just sit tight.

I've never had any complaints.

Piet spoke impolitely.

They try to do right and not look at what others are doing.

What in the world does he mean?

I'm really scared of thunderstorms.

That is called true love.

He doesn't watch TV at all.

I just heard that Marshall and Saul are going to get married.

I've already spent all my pocket money for this month.

He can't be hungry. He's just had lunch.

I really love my work.

He should have known.

It's coming right at me!

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I hear you have a new girlfriend.

The audience believed it to be part of the act, rather than a short circuit.

It was not in his nature to speak ill of others.


I gave Phil chocolate.

What kind of gun do you carry?

I want to be more than friends.

You heard him, didn't you?

He did what he was told.


Annihilation gives birth to my rebirth.

This is a problem for young people to solve.

From the moment that I knew that the university existed, I've wanted to go there.

Are there many people in Europe who believe in ghosts even now?

You made it all up, didn't you?

That's a crazy idea.

Duncan is no fool.


I stated the obvious.

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"Where's your cousin?" "She's just left."

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Those present were all astonished at the results of the election.

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Shall I begin?

I hope you don't mind if I leave early.

It will not be long before the boy learns what life is.

She wore a dress with a boned bodice.

I recognized Shamim's car.

We admired his wisdom, not to mention his courage.

I've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.

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Don't lose your sense of humor.

He excavated the mountain and drew out a rat.

Vern has to want to stay.

I'm proud of her.

This medicine must be taken three times a day.

Terrance could see nothing.

All the hot guys are already taken.

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This is the vase that Evelyn broke.

People are waiting for the sunset.

This is a priceless treasure to mankind.